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Building ecommerce brands

Branding, design & build of high-performing Shopify stores.

Certified Shopify Experts

Elevatr Digital is a Shopify ecommerce branding and design agency that helps retailers succeed. We have deep experience in building ecommerce websites on the Shopify platform. As experts in branding we'll tell your story through authentic content and intuitive site design. We’ll build a memorable branded Shopify store that impresses, persuades and most importantly, converts.

Brewista Artisan kettle sitting on a kitchen counter. Image created using 3D and AR (augmented reality)
Brewista Coffee


global rebrand & site design
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Envello Linens


Site design & content direction
Ice Plus Pain relief


Branding identity & site design

Ecommerce branding and content that drive results

We'll work with you through the crucial branding process to create the words, images and video that elevate your brand and bring your products to life. For many ecommerce businesses, this is make or break.  Our experts include designers, developers, copywriters and photographers to fully optimize every step of your customers’ journey and ensure a higher conversion rate.

What we do

Brand Identity

Packaging Design

Shopify Site Design & Build

"A beautiful website, executed wonderfully, providing an easy customer experience. He turns what seems a very intimidating process into an easy and smooth one.

Sheryn Saab – Envello Linens, Toronto, Canada

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HOME | Branding, strategy, site design & build, content creation

HOME | Site design & build, content direction

CRAFTS | Branding, strategy, site design & build

FASHION | Site build, Shopify support

DRUGSTORE | Brand Identity, Site design & build, Packaging, content creation

DRUGSTORE | Brand Identity, site design & build, content creation, packaging